The X-23 Booster Rocket is an Axion Labs' jetpack, capable of launching a single man into space in less than 2 minutes.


The X-23 Booster Rocket is introduced in "Flirting With Disaster" when a group of Casper High students visits Axion Labs on a field trip and Tucker describes the jetpack's capabilities. Later, Danny takes the jetpack and uses it to launch himself into space in pursuit of Technus, who has taken over the Cybertron Mega Computer's processing unit. To defeat Technus, Danny overloads the jetpack's power and lets it fly straight into Technus' mouth, causing the satellite to explode.

At the beginning of "Phantom Planet," Danny wears the helmet of the booster rocket while battling Vlad for the Infi-map in space.


The X-23 Booster Rocket is a white jetpack with green markings on its back and sides. It has shoulder straps connected to a belt buckle (with the Axion logo) for a user to secure it onto their torso. The right shoulder strap has the "on-off" switch for the jets, while the left shoulder strap has a knob to determine the jetpack's power. The two available power settings are "Normal" (marked by a green happy face) and "Overload" (marked by a red skull).

The helmet, which is part of a fuller astronaut suit, is white with green markings as well. It has a clear visor for the user to see through, and two grey tubes along its jaw.


Season 2

Season 3


  • The jetpack's "on-off" switch change shoulder straps and designs a couple of times throughout "Flirting With Disaster."

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