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  • Nikki Kiki zelonskie113

    |loveinterests = Dark Danny (Exboyfriend) (still in love with him) |interests = Horror fantasy
    Sci-fi films
    Japanese anime and manga |parents = Arelle Miyuki (mother)
    Riku Miyuki (Father) |grandparents = |first = The Ultimate Enemy |last = Phantom Planet |voice = Grey DeLisle |title4 = }}

    Raven aka rae rae is the future alternative counterpart of Maria Millet she is the exgirlfriend of Dark Danny.

    In the alternative future timeline raven was dateing Dan like her past counterpart did but however he created on the C.A.T test which mr. Lancer call Danny's Pam to discuss about what he has done however doing the nasty burger explosion mr. Lancer Danny's friends including his family all died in theā€¦

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