Chapter One

A/N: Hello, and welcome to my first contribution to the Danny Phantom fandom. Okay, I know that this is a crossover between DP and Kingdom Hearts, but I think that, if DP belonged to Disney, we would hopefully be seeing some stuff from the show in that video game. I know that one similar to this has already been done, but I'm just warming up. This will go much differently that the other person's, I promise you that.

Chapter One: The Heartless Attack

For most of the people in Amity Park, it was just another night. The people were still getting used to the peace and quiet which had followed in the days after the Disasteroid incident. There had been no ghost attacks ever since, and  Browse Just In Community Forum Betas Story Search Kingdom Hearts + Danny Phantom Crossover + -     open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API quiet which had followed in the days after the Disasteroid incident. There had been no ghost attacks ever since, and their own protector Danny Phantom had been hailed as a hero all over the world, and the citizens of Amity Park were especially proud of the statue erected to the world hero in their city. Yes, duplicates of the statue stood all over the world, but this statue resided in the hero's hometown, and that was something for that town to be proud of. Even now, a month after the apocalypse had been avoided; the citizens of Amity Park knew that they were safe. A sense of security had settled over the town, a sense that had only grown over time while the town was under the protection of the ghost boy. And this night, several people stuck their heads out the windows and waved to their hero as he patrolled the city. "How do things look from your perspective, guys?" Danny asked his friends through the Fenton phones. "Everything still calm?" "Looks the same as last night, and the night before, and the night before," Tucker reported. "You have to admit, dude, patrolling has been pretty much doze-ville ever since the Disasteroid." "Very true, but you never know when a ghost could attack; this is Amity Park, after all." Danny replied. "And I'd like to take care of any problems before they spread and become too tough to deal with. How are things looking on your side Valerie?" The Red Huntress had joined Team Phantom after finding out that the ghost boy and her friend were the same person. "If there were any ghosts around, they'd be back in the Ghost Zone before the Box Ghost could say 'Beware'!" Valerie laughed, but then she became serious. "Same thing as Tucker reported; everything's calm on this end of town." "Sam? How do things look at the park?" Danny sounded a little worried, and the other two members of Team Phantom couldn't help but snicker. Danny had always been somewhat protective of the dark and brooding girl, and that protectiveness had only increased after the Disasteroid since the ghost boy and the Goth girl had become an official couple. Not that that was surprising, everyone expected they would end up together; it was only a matter of time before Danny got over his usual cluelessness and realized his feelings for her. "For the most part, it's all calm, but there was a weird shadow thing here a few minutes ago. I was following it, but I lost it just before you asked us to report in." The Goth reported. "We'd better check it out, guys." Danny decided, immediately turning around and flying towards the park. It did not take Danny long to find Sam, and Tucker and Valerie joined them moments later. "Where did you see this shadow? Well, where was it when it disappeared?" Tucker asked. open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API "Over there," Sam pointed to one of the trees. Danny shuddered. The place she was pointing to was frighteningly close to where that huge tree of Undergrowth's had been when Danny had returned from developing his ice powers. "Are you sure, Sam?" Tucker said condescendingly. "It's nighttime, of course there's going to be shadows." Sam turned to the techno-geek with a growl. "Tucker, do I need to remind you that I'm wearing combat boots? More importantly, do I need to enforce said combat boots?" Tucker shrank away from the angry Goth. "No." he said in a frightened whisper. "Good." Sam turned back to the tree at which she had pointed. "This shadow was moving. I first saw it at the fountain and I followed it to right around here, but then I got distracted when you asked for the report of our patrols." "Do you think Johnny 13 could be causing trouble again?" Danny asked. "I didn't see him, or any other ghost for that matter." Sam informed her boyfriend. "And besides, that thing looked too small to be his shadow." "Well then, could Undergrowth have something to do with it?" Danny asked, going up to the tree and investigating the ground. "I know that sounds highly unlikely, but this tree is pretty close to where that huge tree of his grew." Sam blanched and shuddered, remembering what she called the horror stories of what she had done to Danny while under Undergrowth's control. "Let's hope not. I really don't want to become his 'queen' again." "Could it be Nocturn, then?" Tucker suggested. "If I remember that incident correctly, those Sleepwalkers of his loved sinking into the ground and then leaping up to grab you and putting you to sleep with those stupid helmets so that Nocturn can absorb the energy from your dream." Both Sam and Danny blushed, remembering that, during the Nocturn incident, they had both had the same dream. "Unless Nocturn's managed to upgrade his Sleepwalkers to a more dangerous level, it's not him." Sam informed the techno-geek. "This thing was small, black, quiet, had big, glowing, yellow eyes, and extremely strange antenna. As we remember well from the Nocturn incident, the Sleepwalkers are green, fairly large, make that creepy moaning sound, had eyes that looked like they were sewn shut, and did not have antenna." Valerie suggested that the creature might be something that Vlad sent, but that theory was instantly shot down by Danny, who said that Vlad was too much of a fruit-loop, and besides, the Wisconsin Ghost hadn't been seen since open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API Danny, who said that Vlad was too much of a fruit-loop, and besides, the Wisconsin Ghost hadn't been seen since Danny's father had abandoned the traitor in space. But unknown to the team, a figure, shrouded in shadow, was watching them from a distance. He was a ghost, but he was such a master of evil and darkness that he was the only ghost, besides Spectra, who could mask his presence from Danny's ghost sense. The only feature of his that could be seen were his glowing blood-red eyes. A sadistic grin crossed his face as he pointed at the group, and multiple creatures of the same sort that Sam had seen earlier came out of the ground and surged towards the heroes. All members of Team Phantom gasped when they were surrounded by shadow creatures. Most of them were small, but there were some that were larger than the rest, and these had some form of armor protecting them. "Now do you believe me?" Sam yelled at Tucker. "Looks like he brought a few friends with him!" Valerie growled. "Alright, gang. Let's DO THIS!" Danny shouted, letting loose a few ecto-blasts as the group charged into battle. The fight started out going well enough for Team Phantom; the ecto weapons proving to be very effective against this strange new enemy. At least, that's what appeared to be the case at first. While the wrist-rays, ecto-guns and ecto-blasts looked to be doing serious damage, after a while, the creatures would simply get back up again, moving as if absolutely nothing had happened. And with every time they got back up, they seemed to have also gotten stronger. And there were also more of them approaching with every pass. "What ARE these things?" Valerie asked; shooting her ecto-gun to her heart's content at the monsters. "No idea." Danny confessed, firing ecto-blast after ecto-blast. "But I have a sneaking suspicion that they're not ghosts." After ten minutes that felt like ten hours, the creatures suddenly vanished. "What?" Sam asked. "But they had the upper hand; why would they just retreat?" "Hey, don't complain about it!" Tucker exclaimed. "Whoever sent those things might hear you, think you're complaining about the retreat, and send even more!" "Not likely, Tuck," Danny said, spinning in the air to try to see if there were any more creatures left, or if he could spot whoever they were controlled by. "I can honestly say that I have absolutely no idea what those things really wanted or why they retreated," he addressed the entire group as he landed. "But I would like to know exactly what open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API wanted or why they retreated," he addressed the entire group as he landed. "But I would like to know exactly what those creatures were and who was controlling them. Forces that have the upper hand don't just retreat when they're acting on their own; they were called back by something or someone. It would be nice to know exactly who and what we're up against." "Consider it done." Valerie promised. "We'll meet up at the Nasty Burger tomorrow at noon to discuss the results of our research." "Val, we'd meet up there anyway." Tucker pointed out not so helpfully. "Well, now we have even more of a reason to meet up there, instead of to just hang out." She giggled at the pouting look that appeared on Tucker's face when she said that and continued. "Don't get me wrong, Tuck, hanging out's fun, but what with us being ghost hunters, there are going to have to be days when we discuss research and strategy, not just have a laugh about kicking some ghost's butt." "My only regret is that we didn't get a picture of one of those things." Sam growled. "Who says we didn't?" Tucker asked, proudly showing a picture of one of the unarmored ones on his PDA. Sam gasped, grabbing Tucker's PDA so that she could get a better look. "Tucker, I know I don't say this often," she laughed, "but you're a genius!" "Yeah, way to go, dude!" Danny complimented, flashing his friend the thumbs-up. He took the PDA from Sam to get his own look at one of their attackers before handing the device back to the techno-geek. "I have a feeling that most of our information tomorrow is gonna come from you. Email that picture to all of us and we'll see what we can find out."

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