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What are Ghosts in DP? Part 2

Welcome back, today I am going to provide another example of a ghost that defends Butch's statement and add more solidity to the theory that ghosts are not dead people/animals. Today's ghost we will be looking at is Cujo, the adorable ghost dog.

Okay, in the episode Shades of Gray, we are introduced to Cujo, a dog who is implied to have worked at Axion Labs before the switch to automated security. Now in the episode, it is stated they had to let go of the guard dogs. This does not automatically imply the dogs were euthanized. Most dogs when relieved of their guarding positions, in say the police force, they are given to shelters for adoption. They are tricky to give to others due to the fact they typically don't live for much longer than a couple of years after retirement due to age, but none of the less they are adopted by others who want a loyal dog who would protect them.

Now that we have established what has likely happened to the guard dogs at Axion Labs, now let's get to business, how did Cujo get employed if he was always a ghost? Easy, people of Amity Park prior to the episode Public Enemy Number One had no idea what a ghost was outside of the main cast. This is evident by Mr. Gray's "pasty faced" remark towards Danny (in ghost form) as the poor boy gets tossed around by Cujo as if he were a chew toy. It is highly likely that they had no second questions about Cujo's appearance and trained him. Yeah, another point deducted from Amity Park's collective IQ... 

If you have anything you want to add to this theory or any constructive criticism, please leave a message in the comments. I will do my best to look them over and reply.

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