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What are Ghosts in DP? Part 1

In this blog post, I will be trying to explain a theory that will clean up all (or most) inconsistencies and hopefully make a lot of sense.

From what we know, in real life, people tell ghost stories such as the story of Bloody Mary and many others to typically scare others for the sake of pranks or to teach a lesson. All of these ghost stories involve the ghost being a deceased individual with unfinished business such as getting justice for a wrongful death, a violent death, or due to not being ready to die. This in turn forces them to stay and do whatever essentially. Sometimes bound to an area, object, or idea.

In the DP-Verse, Butch has stated they were never spirits/souls of dead people but rather monsters from another dimension. So, by going by what I have stated in the previous paragraph, there is actually a very good chance that the people in the DP-Verse made up stories to explain why there were ghosts around for the sake of explanation or for the sake of pranks/teaching a lesson.

This theory can be seen in the case of Poindexter. Not once has Poindexter mentioned that he was killed, but rather mentioned that he was bullied exessively in the Ghost Zone's version of Casper High as seen by the flashbacks. He also stated he was teaching Danny a lesson about bullying (which in all regards, he got the wrong guy). Since he had a mirror that acted as a portal and the lore surrounding him, it was likely he had escaped before and was mistaken for another ordiniary student, thus was shoved into a locker and he decided to enact revenge. In turn, this caused the students of that time to create the story that Tucker explained in the episode Splitting Images.

I would explain the other ghosts, but it is bed time now and I am too tired to really think any further. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think of this theory. Is it good? Bad? Any holes or flaws? I would love to hear constructive criticism so I can improve and make better theories in the future.