Okay. I couldn't think of what to name this blog so I called it random blog. Any how, I wanted to introduce a blog series, by me, that goes in-depth on random topics (some DP related). Today's will be revival then Fanfictions.


Many people wonder if DP is coming back, it's possible. In my opinion, it's never too late to revive something. A perfect example is Sailor Moon. It has been around for about TWENTY years. Just about double of DP's time on air and is just as popular. On Sailor Moon's twentieth anniversary, it's being revamped/revived (not really sure but it's coming back). So it proves, it's never too late for DP to be revived/revamped (hey it might become TWICE as popular and get MORE seasons/episodes if revamped) and there's still hope in the fight. Never lose hope and anything can happen.


The things we have been living off of since DP was cancelled. Some are good, some a nasty like Dash's old underwear from Fright Night. The worst in my opinion are the gay stories that involve Danny being that way (*cough* VladxDanny *cough* and *cough* DannyxDash *cough*). Those are just squicky and the authors are trying to get us to throw up on our keyboards. Sorry if anyone is offended.

Humor... The gem that we all crave for. The story that lightens our moods when we are down. Humor is just well, funny! It could be the Box Ghost in a bikini being hunted by Skulker with Danny watching in a fit of laughter on the side lines. You have to admit, that's just as funny as Danny's numerous times playing around in the Girl's Locker Room (What You Want and Memory Blank).


I would have typed up more if it weren't for my sudden headache from focusing too much. Well Bye bye and please go grab a muffin from Derpy Hooves *crowd cheers* and a song from Tucker and Jazz *crowd boos and throws tomatoes at me*. Alright I get it. Now excuse me, I have to go clean up this mess...

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