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  • Derpyrebound

    For part one, please click here .

    For another take on the argument, click here .

    Welcome back, today I am going to provide another example of a ghost that defends Butch's statement and add more solidity to the theory that ghosts are not dead people/animals. Today's ghost we will be looking at is Cujo, the adorable ghost dog.

    Okay, in the episode Shades of Gray, we are introduced to Cujo, a dog who is implied to have worked at Axion Labs before the switch to automated security. Now in the episode, it is stated they had to let go of the guard dogs. This does not automatically imply the dogs were euthanized. Most dogs when relieved of their guarding positions, in say the police force, they are given to shelters for adoption. They are tricky to g…

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  • Derpyrebound

    What are Ghosts in DP?

    February 21, 2017 by Derpyrebound

    Click here for part 2 .

    In this blog post, I will be trying to explain a theory that will clean up all (or most) inconsistencies and hopefully make a lot of sense.

    From what we know, in real life, people tell ghost stories such as the story of Bloody Mary and many others to typically scare others for the sake of pranks or to teach a lesson. All of these ghost stories involve the ghost being a deceased individual with unfinished business such as getting justice for a wrongful death, a violent death, or due to not being ready to die. This in turn forces them to stay and do whatever essentially. Sometimes bound to an area, object, or idea.

    In the DP-Verse, Butch has stated they were never spirits/souls of dead people but rather monsters from ano…

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  • Derpyrebound

    Report Something

    February 21, 2013 by Derpyrebound

    This is a blog page for the moment but the main purpose is to let me know about the vandalizm. Please provide the name of the offender and where the offence is. Also please refer to the new rules page for information on the rules.

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  • Derpyrebound

    Random Blog 1

    February 17, 2013 by Derpyrebound

    Okay. I couldn't think of what to name this blog so I called it random blog. Any how, I wanted to introduce a blog series, by me, that goes in-depth on random topics (some DP related). Today's will be revival then Fanfictions.

    Many people wonder if DP is coming back, it's possible. In my opinion, it's never too late to revive something. A perfect example is Sailor Moon. It has been around for about TWENTY years. Just about double of DP's time on air and is just as popular. On Sailor Moon's twentieth anniversary, it's being revamped/revived (not really sure but it's coming back). So it proves, it's never too late for DP to be revived/revamped (hey it might become TWICE as popular and get MORE seasons/episodes if revamped) and there's still h…

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