• It's been a hard-fought battle for the Danny Phantom episode tournament. There were heartbreaking match-ups along the way and some surprising results for a few, but we are finally ready to crown a Champion!

    Drumroll please! The winner is...

    S02M02 title card

    The Ultimate Enemy!

    "The Ultimate Enemy" won the championship matchup against "Maternal Instinct" by a vote of 15 to 6. As a result, it will become the featured article on the front page of the wiki and will get featured on the wiki's twitter (along with getting bragging rights over its fellow episodes ;P).

    Thank you to everyone who voted and participated in the tournament! We hope you had fun with it, and if you would like to see similar tournaments in the future, please don't hesitate to bring it up with an admin (either Derpyrebound or AstroPhantom).

    Thank you all once again!

    Results of Each Round

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    • Someone should go share this with Butch if they have the chance. I am sure he will be thrilled to hear we did a comparision on this scale.

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