Fade in on Fenton Works and into the basement lab, where Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Jazz are standing around the Fenton Portal.
Danny (Walking into portal.) Hey, guys, have you noticed the ghost portal has been acting weird lately?


Weird how?
The portal's alarm suddenly goes off, surprising the group. Sam and Danny back out of the portal, which turns on to show the spiraling green void of the Ghost Zone. Three ectopuses come out of the portal and start flying around the lab.


Like that! I'm going ghost! (Goes ghost, then flies up and grabs an ectopus by the tail, spinning it around.) Sam, take out the trash! (Flings ectopus towards Sam.)


(Takes out a Fenton Thermos and sucks up the ectopus.) You know how environmentally-conscious I am. (Caps off the thermos.) Tucker! (Throws thermos.) Happy birthday!
Tucker (Catches thermos.) It's not for three months, but thanks. (Uncaps thermos and sucks in another ectopus that Danny throws his way.) Jazz! Merry Christmas! (Caps off thermos and tosses it to Jazz.)
Danny chases the final ectopus through the air, but it splits into two at the last second and Danny crashes into the lab wall. He holds his head for a second, then flies at the ectopus again. The ectopus merges back into one, and Danny grabs its tail then swings it towards Jazz.


(Catches thermos.) And I just got my present. (Uncaps thermos and sucks in the last ectopus.) Three ghosts (Caps off thermos) wrapped up tight.


(Lands.) Okay, who's been messing with the ghost portal?
The group suddenly hears a laugh, and they look over toward the portal's control panel to see Kitty Katswell and Dudley Puppy, who is quickly pressing random buttons on the panel.
Dudley (Laughs.) I like pushing the buttons for no reason!
Danny Hey dog guy, cut it out! (Flies towards Dudley, but stops abruptly when he gets close.) Whoa! You have no pants.
Dudley presses a blue button on the panel, and a laser comes out and zaps Danny with purple energy. Danny's hair stands up in random directions as a result of the zap. Kitty walks up to him.
Kitty Sorry, I'm Kitty Katswell. (Points a thumb at Dudley.) He's Dudley. We thought this was T.U.F.F. HQ! (To Dudley:) That's the last time I let you drive, or go out in public!
Dudley (Pressing buttons.) I love mystery buttons!
The portal's alarm goes off again.
Tucker Guys, something else is coming out.
Everyone looks at the portal, then takes an attack stance or pulls out a weapon, waiting. Timmy Turner, then Cosmo and Wanda come out of the portal.
Cosmo Yay! Wanda, we're in Fairy World!
Timmy Cosmo, this isn't Fairy World!
Wanda Well, it could be, Timmy. After all, there's a pants-less dog and a floating kid.
Danny (Flies up holding the thermos.) Whoa! More ghosts! (Starts sucking up Cosmo and Wanda.)
Cosmo (While being sucked in:) I hate thermoses!
Dudley My butt itches. (Excitedly:) I'll scratch it on the buttons!
Dudley sits on the panel's buttons and starts scooting back and forth to scratch his butt. The portal's alarm goes off once more.
Danny Something else is coming.
Bunsen's silhouette starts walking towards the portal's opening.
Danny (Turns fully towards the portal.) And I've never seen anything like it before.
Bunsen finally walks through the portal.
Bunsen (Sprouts four additional arms and spreads them wide.) What's up? It's me, Bunsen! (Looks at group around him.) Yay! A beast welcome party! I brought cupcakes!
Bunsen shoots cupcakes out of his head for everybody. After a pause, Dudley eats his cupcake whole, then eats everyone else's cupcakes (except for Timmy's).
Danny New rule: from now on, only people with pants are allowed in the lab.

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