Sidney Poindexter is one of the ghosts on Danny Phantom. He is first seen in "Splitting Images" were he was the main villain. He uses his powers to bully the bullies and protect the nerds and special kids. He is voiced by veteran actor Peter MacNicol of Ghostbusters II and is one of the lesser-appearing ghosts.


Poindexter is one of the few ghosts shown to have a previous human life before his current residence in the Ghost Zone. Once a nerdy teenager from the 1950s he was known as the most bullied student of Casper High and, as such, holds a soft spot and great concern for those who suffer as much as he did. He was bullied so much that picking on him became a graduation requirement.

Because Poindexter was stuffed into his locker so many times, his ghost now haunts Locker 724, with the mirror inside being a gateway to the Ghost Zone. In the Ghost Zone, Poindexter resides within a black-and-white version of Casper High from the late '50s. His former classmates are also there, thus making his eternal torment continue.

In "Splitting Images," Poindexter gained passage into the present-day human world when Danny was assigned Locker 724. Poindexter saw Danny pulling pranks on Dash Baxter and, thinking that Danny was the bully, started to fight Danny, proclaiming that he would always be there to protect the nerds. The fight eventually caused Danny to reveal his human-half, causing Poindexter to believe Danny was using his powers for evil.

Poindexter then possessed Danny's body and banished his ghost half to Poindexter's world, where Danny was now tormented. Poindexter, now in Danny's body, tried to help those who were bullied and ended up gaining the friendship of Dash and the other popular students. Poindexter was forced back into the mirror by Danny with Sam and Tucker's help. In the mirror world, Danny and Poindexter fought. Danny won, escaped, and smashed the mirror so Poindexter couldn't come back, but Poindexter was happy now since his classmates respected him for fighting the "halfa."

Poindexter later appears in "Reign Storm" as one of the many ghosts kicked out of the Ghost Zone by Pariah Dark. He showed disdain towards the other ghosts when they took over many establishments in town, believing it was unfair to bully the humans out of their homes (even though, as Skulker stated, they were only stores so nobody actually lived there). When Danny sought help from the other ghosts, Poindexter was one of the first to support his efforts in defeating the Ghost King.

Poindexter appears one final time in "Phantom Planet," where he helps Danny and all the other ghosts save the Earth. In this appearance, instead of being black-and-white, he wore a blue t-shirt.


Sidney is introduced with black-and-white colored clothing and skin, most likely a reference to him coming from the 50's. He also is shown wearing wire-frame glasses, a pocket-protector and a bow-tie. This further reinforces his image as 'geeky' and 'nerdy.' His look is complete with a nasally, high-pitched voice. He is also shown wearing a white-sleeved t-shirt and, presumably, tweed-styled pants, possibly creating the notion that at one time Casper High introduced school uniforms.

He has black hair in a fashion similar to a bowl or bob cut, three freckles above each cheek and gray eyes, most likely to play on his black-and-white themed image. He is also shown wearing shoes similar to that time period.


He is not shown often, so much of his personality is unknown. He hates seeing his fellow nerds bullied and tries to stand up for them. He enjoys sodas such as egg creams and likes to participate in social events.

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  • The word "poindexter" means a boringly studious and socially inept person, i.e. a geek.
  • Pointdexter is the first (and so far, only) character to use the term "halfa".
  • His appearance may be a reference to the geeky scientist Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory, a show that Butch Hartman once worked on.
  • It is possible that Poindexter was accidentally killed or driven to suicide by the bullies during his high school years, which would explain his physical form and vendetta against bullies.
  • Interestingly, his spectated appearance and nasal voice resemble his voice actor Peter MacNicol's previous lawyer character Austin Haggard in a Tales from the Crypt episode "Let the Punishment Fit the Crime." Poindexter switching bodies with Danny could be a reference to the the twist end of that episode, where Haggard switches his place and nerdy appearance with the main character of the episode (the difference being while Poindexter did this to escape to the living world, Haggard did this to escape to the afterlife).
  • In "Reign Storm," Poindexter partnered with Princess Dorathea and even rode on her back while she was in dragon form. This may be a reference to Poindexter's voice actor Peter MacNicol's previous role in the film Dragonslayer (distributed by Paramount Pictures, which also happens to own Nickelodeon), in which MacNicol plays a young wizard attempting to slay a dragon (ironic since Poindexter bonded with a dragon while MacNicol's other character attempted to slay one in the film).


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