The Scarlet Samurai is a super villain from an unknown comic.


When battling Freakshow in "Reality Trip," Danny, Sam, and Tucker hide the Reality Gems in various locations. The Gem of Fantasy ends up at the San Diego Comic Fab, hidden by Tucker who planned to attend that summer. At the convention, the gem is picked up and activated by a cosplayer who then passes it to two other cosplayers. One of said fans is dressed up as the Scarlet Samurai and due to the reality-altering properties of the Reality Gem the cosplayer transforms into the character.

Along with the two other cosplayers, the Scarlet Samurai attacks Danny. During their battle, the Guys in White arrive and trap Danny and the Scarlet Samurai in nets. He cuts himself free with his sword and attacks the Guys in White by cutting their jetpacks. Shortly afterwards, Danny retrieves the Gem of Fantasy and puts it in the Fenton Thermos. This returns the three cosplayers to their human forms.


He wears red-colored samurai armor, with a white skull emblem on the center of the chest plate. The helmet, shoulder pads, gloves and cape are all colored red. Underneath the armor, he wears black cloth to cover his arms and legs. Rather than shoes, his feet are wrapped with a white cloth. The top of his helmet is adorned with two horns, one at each temple, and a third in the center of his forehead. He wears a mask, covering his mouth and nose. He has green, glowing eyes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight


He has a red, flaming sword that is able to fire energy blasts. It is also capable of cutting through anti-ghost nets.


Season 2

Season 3

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