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Sayonara Pussycat is a popular, cute, and seemingly harmless ghost anime cat seen in Danny Phantom. It is a minor character who only appears in Season 1 episode "What You Want."


Sayonara Pussycat is a parody of Hello Kitty. The word "sayonara" means "good-bye" in Japanese. When Danny says "bye-bye kitty" as he sucks it into the Fenton Thermos, it refers to its translation.


Sayonara Pussycat only appears in one episode in Season 1, "What you Want". As Danny and Tucker go into the movie theatre, you will see in the background the moving ad of a white anime kitty with blue eyes and blushing cheeks, which is waving. Apparently there is a movie coming out, starring Sayonara Pussycat. Two girls squeal about it and walk away. Paulina then comes up and wishes she could be that popular. Desiree comes out of nowhere and grants her wish. Paulina is zapped into a cute anime version of herself with big blue eyes and short, stubby feet and arms. Tucker hands Danny the Fenton Thermos and he goes after Paulina. He grabs her and brings her to storage like room and forces the ghost out of her. The ghost turns out to be a cute anime kitty named Sayonara Pussycat. As Sayonara gushes about everything in the world being sweet and wonderful, Danny gets out the Fenton Thermos and sucks it in. Sayonara goes without a fight and a defeated "Meow!"


Since Sayonara is such a minor character, not much is known about its personality. It seems to just be a harmless cute anime kitty ghost who only likes to talk about the world being sweet and wonderful. It doesn't seem to want world domination or anything to do with anything evil.

She did, however, mention wanting to become the super fairy queen of all teenagerdom.


Sayonara is believed to just have basic ghost powers though it seems to only have used the overshadowing power on Paulina. Even when Danny pushes it out of Paulina it doesn't put up a fight as it goes into the Fenton Thermos.


  • Sayonara Pussycat is a parody of Hello Kitty.
  • Even after Sayonara is forced out of Paulina, it still has her voice, so it is assumed it is voiced by Maria Canals Barrera.
  • "Sayonara" means good-bye in Japanese.