Overshadowing, also called possession, is the power to possess a human, animal, or object and control its actions.


Overshadowing is a paranormal phenomenon in which a ghost takes control of a human body (or other things such as an animal or object), allowing the ghost to completely control his or her subject's actions, words, and sometimes even thoughts. When the ghost leaves the subject's body, the subject loses all memory of what he or she was made to do during overshadowing, except for thoughts given to him or her by the overshadowing ghost.


  • Overshadowing an enemy is a great way to make a fool out of somebody or to enact revenge.
  • Danny has used this power to invade other people's dreams.[1]
  • In very rare instances, if a half-ghost is overshadowed, his or her ghost half is expelled from his or her body while the overshadowing ghost takes control of the subject's human half's body.[2]
Bill Gates

Vlad Plasmius (Overshadowing Bill Gates)

==Known Users==


Season 1

  • 102. "Parental Bondings"
  • 105. "Splitting Images"
  • 106. "What You Want"
  • 107. "Bitter Reunions"
  • 113. "Fright Night"
  • 115. "Public Enemies"
  • 116. "Lucky in Love"
  • 118. "Life Lessons"
  • 120. "Control Freaks"

Season 2

  • 205. "Identity Crisis"
  • 207. "The Ultimate Enemy"
  • 211. "Micro-Mangement"
  • 213. "King Tuck"
  • 215. "Kindred Spirits"
  • 217. "Reality Trip

Season 3

  • 309. "Frightmare" -Danny overshadowed Tucker, Dash, Sam and Jazz


  • When about to overshadow a subject, the user becomes transparent but looks different than if they were invisible or intangible. Overshadowing is separate from invisibility and intangibility,[3] despite the fact that ghosts appear to be invisible and/or intangible as they go into their host.
  • While a ghost is overshadowing a subject, the subject's eye color and voice change to match that of the possessing ghost. This is likely just to remind the audience that the subject is being overshadowed; it is unlikely that this occurs in-universe.
  • While a ghost is overshadowing a subject, the subject can sometimes possess a luminescent glow and gain physical abilities matching that of the ghost who is doing the overshadowing via the ghost exerting higher levels of control over their victim.


  1. "Frightmare"
  2. "Splitting Images"
  3. "Micro Management" (Danny was still able to overshadow after losing his intangibility)

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