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The Nasty Burger is the fast food restaurant where Danny and his friends frequently hang out. It appears to be the only fast food place in the city. Its Nasty Sauce is extremely explosive when it reaches high temperatures, which defeated Box Lunch and sent her back to her own time in "The Ultimate Enemy."

Tucker says in "Pirate Radio" that "Nasty is one letter away from Tasty."

Housed among the Nasty Burger is the highly spiced condiments which when reaching a certain temperature, they become lethally explosive. This is used by Dark Danny as a weapon to destroy his friends and family until Clockwork saves them and Danny thus stopping the inevitably evil future.


As of "Eye for An Eye," Vlad Masters is the new owner of the Nasty Burger which was briefly re-named "McMasters," an adults-only hangout.


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  • The Nasty Burger is a parody of In-N-Out Burger.
  • The "Nasty Burger" was supposed to be "Tasty Burger" with the "T" scratched out by vandals and replaced with an "N," but the producers just went with plain old "Nasty Burger."
  • The Nasty Burger seems to be a very popular place for teens in Amity Park to hang out at.
  • Valerie works at Nasty Burger.

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