"My Brother's Keeper" is the ninth episode in the TV-series Danny Phantom.


A new guidance counselor named Penelope Spectra starts a chain reaction of depressed students while Jazz tries to figure out her brother's strange behavior.

Episode Recap

Spirit Week is coming to Casper High and Mr. Lancer thrills over its glory, telling Jazz nearby about his days as a male cheerleader. Jazz puts aside the thought to talk with him over the concern of her brother Danny, whom in her eyes is behaving strangely. At the same time, Danny fights a blob-like ghost inside the new guidance counselor's office, completely wrecking it. Unfortunately Lancer and Jazz spot him inside the wrecked room, but all Danny is concerned about is his failure to capture the ghost.

New counselor Penelope Spectra retains an optimistic attitude despite her trashed office while Jazz laments on the raised air conditioning that makes the room so cold everyone's own breath can be seen. Spectra's mere excuse is given as, "It keeps the mind icy sharp." Danny remains angry towards his sister for ratting him out then leaves when Mr. Lancer orders him to do so while he decides on his punishment. He praises Jazz afterwards to Spectra, saying she is to give a speech for Spirit Week. Spectra was given her job here as both a motivational speaker and teen therapist to "pep up" the kids in Casper High in time for the speech on Wednesday. Spectra, alongside her assistant Bertrand, shows Jazz her plans to topple dominoes that spell "Casper Spirit" which will trigger the spirit sparklers. Jazz, noting her overly-optimistic nature, thinks Danny will benefit from her. With a push from Lancer, Danny is given a session with her.

Only a few seconds in and Spectra already sees the complaints Danny keeps making. She claims afterwards that Jazz called him both a "baby" and "loser" to which Danny retaliates in shock and anger. Spectra gives Danny a pep talk and sends him off. When she and Bertrand are left in private, Spectra sucks up Danny's depression to forever give her a youthful look. Seeing Danny is like a "walking spa treatment" to her, Bertrand (now revealed as the shape shifting ghost blob Danny fought earlier) decides to up the ante. Turning into a giant hornet, he goes to wreck havoc.

Danny complains about his sister's insults to his friends, however Sam notices Jazz wouldn't ever say such a thing. Jazz comes over to counsel Danny, but he's far too angry with her so he runs off, concerning her further. Bertrand then comes to attack, cornering Jazz until Danny comes to the rescue and takes him outside the schoolyard to fight. Danny again performs poorly, letting Bertrand get away and causing him to doubt himself once more. Jazz, now having witnessed ghosts for the first time, is ecstatic to tell Danny. However when she tells him back home later that night, Danny denies seeing anything. Still concerned for him, Jazz calls in her last resort: Jack and Maddie who rush in to see what is the matter with Danny. Danny quickly changes the subject to Jazz's witness of a ghost, prompting the two parents to then aim their attention towards her while Jack shows off his latest invention, the Portable Fenton Ghost Peeler.

By school the next day, Jazz confronts Danny's friends who, despite her urges, refuse to expose anything secret about Danny. Danny meanwhile gets caught pulling the fire alarm by accident courtesy of Bertrand. As a result, he gets another session with Spectra. She gives Danny a diaper, top hat, and banner to put on much like an outfit of the New Year's baby to help him overcome his fear of being called a baby, although Danny expresses it's the word "loser" he fears being called. Throughout the school Danny becomes the laughingstock for his outfit, further lowering his self-esteem.

At an ice cream parlor, Danny talks with his friends over his constant depression. Jazz coming over makes him even more stressed. His ghost sense goes off afterwards, so he rushes after Bertrand. Unfortunately for Danny, Jazz runs after him with Sam and Tucker following behind to keep his secret from being exposed. They're too late as Jazz sneakily eyes Danny turn into his alter ego. She quickly shouts this revelation to Sam and Tucker, but Sam immediately denies the existence of ghosts leaving Jazz to continue her suspicion of Danny, now for a different reason. Meanwhile, Danny fights off Bertrand (now shape shifted to a puma) and loses once again.

Back home, Jazz studies Danny and then tells him compassionately that she cares for him despite her pushy personality. He nearly relents but ultimately still refuses to talk things over with her. By school the next day, nearly every single teenager who has come out of Spectra's session is incredibly depressed. Danny, using Tucker's PDA which contained photos he took when Danny was in the baby costume, suspects his breath was his ghost sense and not from the air conditioning Spectra put on (only using that as a front to disguise her true ghostly nature). Thinking she's the one responsible for causing all the teen depression, Sam and Tucker volunteer for a session only to come out depressed as well. Danny enters immediately after and witnesses Spectra sucking up more teenage depression as well as overhearing her and Bertrand's plans to kill Jazz through the Spirit Sparklers, causing enough depression to keep the two looking youthful for all eternity. Danny ambushes the two, fighting off both of them at the same time (with Spectra revealing her ghostly form). Elsewhere, Jazz makes her speech to a throw of depressed teenagers. Lancer starts the dominoes afterwards. Danny, now finally sick of doubting himself (and stating how his sister remained optimistic no matter how many times she got the cold shoulder from him) finally gets the edge to fight, capturing Bertrand in the Fenton Thermos then racing off to save Jazz in time, taking her to an empty room. There Spectra corners Danny, ready to finish him off until Jazz comes in with the Fenton Ghost Peeler. Using it she removes all the layers of skin Spectra has, reducing her into a shriveled old lady, making her an easy catch for Danny.

Jazz eyes Danny once more before faking a scare towards him, giving Danny an easy escape. Jazz smiles privately, stating, "He can tell me when he's ready." Reunited with Lancer, she returns to the stadium where every single teenager has his or her spirit back, including Danny. The episode finishes with Jazz in her room at Fenton Works watching Danny Phantom fly through the air optimistically.


  • Story by
    • Steve Marmel
  • Written by
    • Sib Ventress
  • Storyboard by
    • Ray Angrum
    • Chris Graham
  • Art Direction
  • Music by
    • Guy Moon
  • Directed by
    • Wincat Alcala
    • Juli Hashiguchi
    • Butch Hartman
  • Voice cast
    • David Kaufman as Danny Fenton/Phantom
    • Rob Paulsen as Jack Fenton
    • Kath Souice as Maddie Fenton
    • Rickey D'Shon Collins as Tucker Foley
    • Grey DeLisle as Sam Manson; Kid #1
    • Scott Bullock as Dash Baxter
    • Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Jazz Fenton
    • Ron Paulsen as Mr. Lancer
    • Dat Phan as Kwan
    • Maria Canals as Paulina
    • Tara Strong as Penelope Spectra
    • Jim Ward as Bertrand

Series continuity

  • Jazz mentions the events of this episode in "The Ultimate Enemy."
  • This episode establishes that Valerie worries about material possessions, which comes into play in "Shades of Gray" when Danny and Cujo inadvertently cause her to lose her rich lifestyle.


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  • At the beginning of the episode, Jazz mentions that Danny's behavior changed after "the accident." It is likely that she knew about him getting hurt by the Fentons' Ghost Portal and has been monitoring him since then.


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