Intangibility is the ability to pass through solid objects.


The user is able to make all or part of his or her body able to move unobstructed through solid objects. The user can make other people[1] and objects[2] intangible through physical contact.

Humans may experience a slight tingling sensation when turned intangible.[3]


S01e01 intangible trio
  • Pass through solid objects such as walls
    • Instant cleaning (by having dirt fall through the affected person's intangible body[4])
  • Ignore most forms of physical attacks


  • The user can still be affected by energy such as ghost shields.
  • If the user is inexperienced, this power can activate at inopportune or embarrassing times.[1]


While intangibility and invisibility can be used simultaneously, they are two distinct powers. Invisibility is usually shown as the character's body turning transparent with only the eyes and black outlines remaining, while intangibility is usually shown as the character's body glowing blue with pale blue outlines. This is demonstrated during the theme song: Danny glows blue at "walk through walls," and turns transparent except for his outlines at "disappear."

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