S03M04 halfa DNA mutation

Danny's half-ghost DNA

A half-ghost (or "halfa"[1]) is a human whose genetic structure is infused with ectoplasm. Half-ghosts have the ability to change between human and ghost form at will, and possess ghost powers.


Vlad Masters-Plasmius

Vlad Masters/Vlad Plasmius, the first half-ghost

Though the first half-ghost shown in the series is Danny Phantom himself, he was not the first half-ghost to come into existence. During Jack Fenton's and Vlad Masters' college days, Vlad became the world's first half-ghost when he was caught in the blast of Jack's prototype ghost portal.[2] Twenty years later, Danny would go on to suffer a similar accident inside Fenton Works' completed ghost portal, becoming a half-ghost himself.

Later, Vlad, in an attempt to create a half-ghost son, experimented with trying to clone Danny, but all his attempts failed except one which produced a female half-ghost he named Danielle.[3]


Danny Fenton-Phantom

Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom, before and after "going ghost"

Half-ghosts have access to ghost powers such as intangibility, invisibility, and flight. Half-ghosts can use the majority of their powers while in human form, but in order to use them to their full potential they must change into ghost form, a transformation which Danny refers to as "Going Ghost."[4]

Known half-ghosts


  • Not everyone can become a half-ghost. If Sam or Tucker had gotten caught in the middle the Fentons' malfunctioning ghost portal, it would have likely killed them.[5]


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