S03e11 weak in the knees
This transcript needs to be finished!

The episode opens with an outside shot of the Danny Phantom. Camera zooms in and fades to a shot of Danny Phantom flying up a building being pursued by Johnny 13 riding on his motorcycle. Johnny's motorcycle fires blue ecto-blasts at Danny Phantom. Danny swings and fires a couple of ecto-blast at Johnny 13, who dodges those blasts. Johnny 13 continued to purse Danny Phantom.


So, Johnny! You work alone now? Finally ditched that stupid...(Danny gets grabbed by the Shadow in both hands and is tackled off-screen, Danny screams.) SHADOOOOOOOW!

[Shadow stretches herself across two poles, making slingshot across the roof and launches Danny onto a couple of roofs until he hit a Vlad Masters billboard. He opened his eyes in disgust.]

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