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Ghostly Wail

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The Ghostly Wail is the ability to generate an extremely powerful and highly destructive sonic scream made out of pure ecto energy, with a ghostly moaning sound to it, from one's vocal cords and mouth.


The ghostly wail is the unique ability to generate an extremely powerful wail from one's vocal cords and mouth, like a sonic scream with a ghostly moaning sound to it. The Ghostly Wail can cause great damage to ghosts, tangible matter and humans. It was powerful enough to destroy the massive artificially generated Ghost Shield that protected the future Amity Park, and ghost proof restraints ("The Ultimate Enemy"). It is also effective against multiple targets. It can send people and objects flying, shatter glass, bend metal, paralyze ghosts, completely destroy weaker ghosts ("The Fright Before Christmas") and hurt ear drums or damage vocal cords.

It proves to be Danny's most powerful technique.


  • When used, this power quickly drains present Danny's energy and usually reverts him to human form, a problem he apparently has remedied in "Phantom Planet." In "The Ultimate Enemy" he was unable to go ghost again after using the Ghostly Wail, but later on in "King Tuck" he was able to transform a while after reverting to human. The way Danny reverts to human form thanks to this ability occasionally varies from the typical. Sometimes his body "fades" back into Danny Fenton. In "Frightmare Before Christmas," his coat appeared on top of his ghost form before he completely reverted to human.
    • In Phantom Planet, Danny did not revert back to human form after using his ghostly wail. This could be due to the fact that he was in the ghost zone, because when he used his ghostly wail in Ultimate Enemy, only his hair and his eyes change back to the human form, when he was in the ghost zone. His growing power is definitely a possibility.
  • This power is useless against giant monsters made of stone like The Sphinx.

Known Users

  • Dan Phantom
  • Danny Phantom
  • Vortex

Usage History


Dan Phantom only used this power at the first part of The Ultimate Enemy movie.


Danny uses this power only in extreme cases against a really powerful foe he is unable to defeat by other means in the episodes:

Why he didn't use it against Undergrowth ("Urban Jungle"), Vortex ("Torrent of Terror"), or Nocturne ("Frightmare") is probably because he didn't want to take a chance that these three extremely powerful ghosts could possibly be immune to his Ghostly Wail, and he would be defenseless after trying.


He only used this power during his battle with Danny in Torrent of Terror.

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