Ghost Shields are barriers made of solidified ecto-energy.


Many ghosts have the power to generate ghost shields at will, to block opponents' attacks. These shields typically take on a spherical or flat shape. Some users can cause their shields to reflect attacks in addition to defending against them.

Humans, such as the Fentons, the Guys in White, and Valerie, can mimic this power through the use of ghost shield generator technology. Human-made ghost shields can also be used for containment, to trap ghosts or humans in place.


  • Ice Shield: A ghost with cryokinesis can create a shield made of cold energy to protect against fire attacks.
  • Reflective Shield: More advanced ghost shielding utilized most by Plasmius. The mirror like surface is refractory and can bounce back ghost rays. Also easier to manipulate and move telekinetically.
  • Electric Shield: Electric ghosts like Technus can create electric ghost shields that can be used to electrocute enemies in addition to defense.

Known Users

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