The ghost ray is the power to attack by releasing ecto-energy. It is the first energy-based attack shown in the series, and is Danny and Vlad's signature power.


The user releases a blast of ecto-energy from his or her hands, eyes, or other body parts. These rays can range in power from simply knocking back a person to severely injuring or destroying an enemy. This power is able to destroy most human-world objects.

Some humans' weapons that use ecto-energy mimic this power in appearance.


The coloration of a user's ghost rays varies from user to user. Colors seen (in apparent but unconfirmed order of strength) include:


  • Beam: User releases a continuous stream of energy.
  • Blast: User releases a burst of energy over a target area.
  • Projectile: User releases energy as a thrown or launched projectile such as a sphere, disk, or ring.
  • Wave: User releases a stream of energy that travels in waves along a surface.
  • Repulsion Field: User sends out a pulse of energy in all directions to repel large groups of attackers.
  • Energy Strike: User generates an aura around his or her hands, feet, or other body parts to enhance his or her physical strength.

Known Users

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