Food Manipulation is the ability to control all kinds of food. It is a sub-power of telekinesis.


Users have total control over every kind of food, and can used to attack to his/her opponents as well as use it to create living creatures out of food. Users can also use the food in order to create a food-armors and/or turn themselves into giant food monsters.

Applications and Techniques

  • Animation: Users can animate food in order to create their own food-minions monster.
  • Food Creation/Summoning: Users can create and/or summon food out of nowhere
  • Lactose Manipulation: if the food contains lactose.
  • Mold Manipulation: if the food is rotten
  • Plant Manipulation: if the food is plant-based


May only be able to control certain types of food.

Known Users


Season 1

Season 2

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