S03e11 weak in the knees
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Shot of the Amity Park Mall. Cut to the inside. Sam is sitting at a table at the food court, looking bored / annoyed. Tucker holds up his PDA to her face, inserting a cartridge.
Tucker And this cartridge makes my PDA a GPS. And this chip here makes the GPS a GBA. And ... I'm boring you, aren't I?


You're KILLING me!!! Why aren't we hanging out with Danny today?


He said he was busy. [Valerie and Star sit down at the table next to them.] Hey Valerie. [Disdainfully] Star.
Star [Disdainfully] Foley.
Valerie [Disdainfully] Manson.
Sam Whatever.
Star Where's your loser boyfriend Danny?


He's not my boyfriend!


[Simultaneously] He's not her boyfriend!
Sam & Valerie [Getting into each other's face] And he's not a loser!
Tucker Umm ... ladies? Another good looking guy right here? [He wiggles his eyebrows.] And people wonder why I love technology. [His PDA goes static.] Sweetie? Are you okay?
Valerie So ... where is Danny anyway?
Sam Not that it's any of your business, Valerie, but ... he said he was busy.
Danny Phantom crashes on Sam and Tucker's table. People run away screaming.
Technus [floating above the food court] Are you mad, child? Picking a fight with me in my upgraded form?
Danny You upgraded to a mullet?
He fires some ectoblasts at Technus, who dodges and then lifts up several phones and PDAs to use as a shield. Danny jumps up and pushes himself off another table into the air, flipping it and dumping food all over Valerie.
Valerie [Screams and wipes food from her eyes, then takes off her backpack. Books fall out.] Argh, that's right ... Dad took my ghost-hunting gear and locked it in his lab.
Technus fires an ectoblast, knocking Valerie off her feet.
Danny [Looks down at Valerie and turns to Technus] I am gonna break you in half!!! [He charges at Technus]
Technus Temper, child, temper. [Reforms from a stream of computer code and teleports behind.] There's that emotion of yours again. [Grabs Danny by the throat] And emotion, whether you know it or not,[Shocks Danny to the ground, knocking over a display of pink boxes] is your greatest weakness.
[Technus wipes his hands and flies as a stream of code into Valerie's phone, face reforming on the screen of Valerie's phone before the screen pans out to show Valerie, covered in food, making her way through the crowd of people]
Valerie Move it! Get out away! [Stands shocked at the sight of Danny Fenton laying dazed among the boxes] Oh,hi. Didn't expect to see you here.
[Camera cuts back to Danny]
Danny Uh,didn't expect to be here.
Valerie gazes romantically at Danny
Cut to Sam and Tucker


Oh I'm gonna hurl
Cut to Technus


Perfect! Rage! Desire! Weakness I can use against him (Laughs)
Fade to a school bus. Pan right to Axion Labs with a white banner that reads, “NOW PART OF VLADCO”. Cut to the interior of Axion Labs.

Mr. Falluca

Well, class. It was very kind of Mr. Gray to give us a tour of Axion Labs.

Mr. Gray

My pleasure, Mr. Falluca. Shields down, please.
Cut to the mechanical doors shutting shown its ghost shields and opening.
Cut to Technus, smiling evilly. The phone turns off, pans out to show Valerie, walking her way through the line of teens. Mr. Gray puts his hand on Danny's shoulder.

Mr. Gray

Danny, could you hold up for a minute?
Cut to Danny's face.
Zoom in on Danny's face.
Cut to a laboratory. Pan down to show Mr. Philooka, Sam, Tucker walking down the lab.