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The Fenton Specter Deflector is a belt that repels and weakens any ghost that comes in direct contact of the person wearing it.


Originally made by Jack for Maddie when she and Danny goes on a Vacation in "Maternal Instinct." It can also be used to weaken a half-ghost and disable some of their powers, such as duplicating their form, but the half-ghost must be wearing the belt. This was used most notably when Desiree made it as if Danny had never met Sam (in Memory Blank). The Specter Deflector was the only reason Sam knew that she had met Danny. Other instances were when Penelope Spectra, Ember McLain and Kitty took over Amity Park and hypnotized all the females, except for Jazz and Sam, who were both wearing Specter Deflectors. Another note is that the effect of the Specter Deflector is similar to that of Blood Blossoms, which Jack Fenton's ancestor, "John Fenton Nightingale," uses in his ghost-hunting and 'witch-wacking.' When Danny comes into direct contact with anyone wearing the belt, whether ghostly or human, he is apparently electrocuted.


Uses the same technology as the Fenton Ghost Shield. In fact, Jack had cannibalized the house's Ghost Shield to create the belt.


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