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Ember's guitar is the guitar Ember McLain uses. It can produce spectral sonic waves, presumably made of ecto-energy, to attack.


Ember's guitar has a flame-shaped top, a long neck, and a flame-shaped body. On the body are two decorative fireballs and several knobs which can be set to various settings to use the guitar's different powers.

Powers and Abilities

Main article: Ember McLain

The settings on Ember's guitar grant different effects to the waves produced by it:

  • A music note (normal music)
  • A heart (casts a love spell on those who hear it)
  • A spiral (causes mind control in those who hear it)
  • A skull (beam attack)
  • A fist (punching attack)
  • A wave (sonic beam)
  • A flame (flame attack)

Ember can also wield her guitar as a melee weapon or ride it like a hoverboard.

  • Punch Beam
  • Flame Attack
  • Hypnotizing Spell
  • Love Spell
  • Sonic Beam
  • Skull Beam
  • Ember, flying with her guitar
  • Ember using her guitar as a flying board


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • When Ember uses her guitar as a hoverboard, it appears bigger than her, but when she gets off it's back to normal size.

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