This page is for Ectoplasm, the viscous substance that makes up all ghosts. For the energy source behind ghost powers, see ghost energy.

Ectoplasm is the viscous substance that makes up all ghosts. In the case of half-ghosts, their DNA is infused with ectoplasm, giving them the status of being both human and ghost.

Ghost hunters and scientists keep and study samples of ectoplasm to learn more about ghosts. They also use it to harness its energy to power their ghost-hunting equipment.


Season 1

In "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale," Danny uses the Fenton Ghost Weasel to suck up Technus, accidentally sucking up a bunch of lab equipment as well. This causes the Ghost Weasel to overload and explode. When it explodes, ectoplasm splatters all over the lab and various equipment. Later, Technus reforms around this ectoplasm-contaminated equipment to form a giant battle-suit.

In "Bitter Reunions," Danny shoots Vlad with ectoplasmic goo from a blaster on the Ghost Assault Vehicle, forcing Vlad to drop Maddie.

In "Prisoners of Love," Maddie mentions that there's a casserole in the freezer next to the ectoplasmic residue samples before she angrily leaves for Arkansas, leaving Jack to wonder how he'll be able to know which is which.

In "Fright Night," Danny enters the Fright Knight's lair and gets cut by a swinging ax. When he pulls his hand away from the cut, he has ectoplasm on his hand.

As shown in "Life Lessons," Valerie has test tubes and jars of ectoplasm samples on a desk in her room to perform experiments and take notes on.

Season 2

In "Reign Storm," Valerie shoots pink ectoplasmic goo at Pariah Dark, forcing him to drop the unconscious Vlad and Danny so she can rescue them.

In "Kindred Spirits," Vlad's multiple clones of Danny all dissolve into ectoplasm whenever Danny defeats them, due to their instability. Dani begins to dissolve whenever she uses too much power, but since she is somewhat more stable she survives.

Season 3

Later in "D-Stabilized," Vlad sees that Dani is back in Amity Park and is somehow still alive despite looking worse for wear. He sends Valerie to capture Dani so he can melt her down and study her ectoplasmic remains in order to build a better clone. Dani is temporarily melted down, but Danny saves her by using the Ecto-Dejecto on her.


Ectoplasm is a viscous, gooey substance, either green or pink in color. When combining with human DNA, ectoplasm takes on the appearance of a green strand of DNA with a small monster face on it and fuses directly with the human strand.

Ectoplasmic energy

Open Danny zapped

The ectoplasmic energy from the portal

Ectoplasmic energy was the potent force that was channeled and manipulated for ectoplasmic purposes, and often manifested during these moments as colorful plasma-like matter. This energy — when being extracted or absorbed — usually resembled bright electrical discharges, though its appearance varied between different powers.[1]Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag. Tag has more than one name associated with reference.[2]

Ectoplasmic energy was a key component in performing ectoplasm as this energy fueled the applications ectoplasm allowed and using too much ectoplasm at any given time would make the user lose that energy thereafter and thus limit their capacity to perform ectoplasm for a period of time, potentially requiring the user hours to recuperate.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no content must have a name.
Any being was capable of harnessing this power. This included ghosts (such as Dark Danny), half-ghosts (such as Danny Phantom) and even humans. It's known that beings such as humans doesn’t have the capacity to perform ghost powers.

Sourcing energy

Out of power. But worth it to take this place down.

Danny Phantom, commenting on how he used up his power., Kindred Spirits

S01e20 repulsion field in action

The ghost Danny omitting ectoplasmic discharges from his body

In order for ectoplasm use to be accomplished, the user had to channel that energy from a source and exert it through themselves. While more experienced ectoplasm users could use the ectoplasmic energy inside of them, ectoplasmic energy usually needed to be drawn from external sources.[3] These sources ranged from special artifacts (such as the Crown of Fire and Ring of Rage), higher beings (like Pariah Dark) which granted this power or even drawn from the Ghost Zone itself; which according to Vlad Masters was where the true essence of ectoplasm came from.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.

Transferring energy

The electricity passing through your ecto-shield must have caused you to absorb some of Vortex’s weather-controlling powers.

Vlad Plasmius, commenting on how Danny absorbing Vortex’s power., Torrent of Terror

S03e04 blocking bolt with shield

Vortex shares his ectoplasmic power

One way of gaining ectoplasmic energy was through transferring it with other beings. It could be shared among other users,[4][5] or forcibly taken. This usually required physical contact,Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no content must have a name.[6][7][8] but an exceptionally powerful practitioner could drain that energy without any contact [7]. Draining too much energy from one user could kill or at least weaken them as it also drained their life force.[6][7]Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no content must have a name. Alternatively, one can drain another's ectoplasm in order to naturalize them.

Ectoplasm users could also likewise give some of their own ectoplasmic energy to others, shown when Danny transferred a portion of his energy to Vlad via ghost ray.[9] Absorbing unexpected bursts of ectoplasmic energy can have unwanted effects, such as absorbing powers, one's eye color changing and unintentionally ectoplasmic-affecting one's surroundings.[10][11]
Danny claimed that absorbing surplus amounts of ectoplasm gave a feeling of being over-energized which made it harder to control.[12]

Ectoplasm could also be transferred into a host, as was the case with Sam Manson, who had immense ectoplasmic power bestowed upon her by a very powerful ghost in the Ghost Zone who then went to Amity Park in an attempt to stop a humans from destroying nature.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag. Tag has more than one name associated with reference.

Residual energy

IMG 0156

A screen depicting a "spike" of ectoplasmic energy.

When a person uses a power, they are channeling ectoplasm through themselves and a portion of that ectoplasm remains within them. The ectoplasmic energy was detectable by certain beings (such as Operative O and Operative K who could sense that energy from their ghost equipment and could inform them of that person's ectoplasmic power, including what powers they use, the magnitude of their power, if that power was depleting and what they intended to do with it. Dark Danny, who possessed some ectoplasmic ability, could "practically feel" that Danny was running out of ectoplasms.

Jack and Maddie were able to deduce the summoning of a swirly cloud was a debilerate act from analyzing the energy infusing it.[13] Using powerful powers could exert a notable amount of energy that was capable of interfering with the user of lesser powers [14] and make the location of the using susceptible to being discovered.

The Fenton Works possessed technology that detected large amounts of ectoplasm usage, but it easy to pinpoint the exact origin of the energy as it was abundant in all ectoplasmic beings (which encompass beings that were inherently ectoplasmic, possessed ectoplasm, and/or used ectoplasm).[15] Also, Giles used the Fenton Finder to detect concentrations of ectoplasmic energy within Amity Park.[16]

While all beings on the Ghost Zone were connected to ectoplasm, beings like ghosts possessed a greater concentration of energy. As this fact made the Gentin Works more detectable to Danny, they decided to withdraw their energy by creating the Ecto-Converter, infer that a person could make their internal ectoplasmic energy flow out of themselves and redirect it back into the Ecto-Converter. They did this by performing hard work on Fenton's street.

It was stated that it took many hours for a person to completely clear themselves of ectoplasmic energy.[17] This was demonstrated when Jack successfully created the device Ecto-Stoppo-Power-Erfier with tools or special preparations after using any ectoplasm.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag. Tag has more than one name associated with reference.

Physical Effects

Ooh, the scary eyes.

Vlad Masters, commenting on how Danny usually changes eye color due to ectoplasm., Maternal Instinct

  • Danny with green eyes
  • Danny with blue eyes
  • Danny with white hair, green eyes and clothing
  • Danny with black hair and blue eyes
  • Dark Danny with blood red eyes
  • Ember with red eyes
  • Vlad with red eyes

Ectoplasm could also have manifestly visible and bodily changes on the user, the most common of which was the user's eyes turning completely green when using ectoplasm, or when wielding ectoplasm with evil intent or uncontrolled emotions. This was shown in Danny Fenton and his archenemy Vlad Masters when preforming feats of ecto-energy[18][19][20] and to Danny several times.[21][22][23]
Danny was subject to severe physical change after he absorbed the latent ectoplasmic power confined within the Fenton Portal, which turned his hair white and eyes green and caused a tan to show up on his face. After this point, whenever Danny over exerted himself, his hair and eyes turned white and green and her voice often changes and had a slight echo to it.[24] When Danny used the power of the Ghost Wail to turn defeat Dark Danny’s enemies in the future. This temporarily caused Danny's hair to turn black and her whole body to glow with a goddessly light.[19] After Danny was threatened, Danny's eyes turned ectoplasmic green.[25]
When combining his essence with the essence of Vlad during the fusion, Danny's eyes turned green and eventually whole for the duration of the fusion.[19]

Usage and Execution

File:Willow Studying Magic.jpg

While in essence, the process for using ectoplasm was simply drawing supernatural energies and manipulating it for a desired effect, there were many factors involved that determined how successfully this energy can used and what it can be used for. Successful ectoplasm involved a combination of knowledge, power, resources and experience. Possessing an intricate mastery of these aspects could reduce the need for complex preparation and strengthen the individual's ability to preform powerful ectoplasms without using as much time or effort but will and power alone.

Training and potency

S01e17 Danny agility

Danny preforming a complicated training practice; improving his own abilities

With proper training, ectoplasm practitioners become capable of performing feats of ectoplasm through sheer will. These acts ranged from minor Intangibility,Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag. Tag has more than one name associated with reference. Flight,Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag. Tag has more than one name associated with reference. and Flights,[26] which were suitable steps for inexperienced practitioners; to more complicated feats of shapeshifting,[14] Ecto-energy Construction[27] firing energy blasts and lightning bolts,[28] and even Overshadow,[29] which could only be mastered by practitioners of a high-level of experience and power. Going beyond one's current limits posed a danger to themselves and others because they were invoking other-worldly forces.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • According to Butch Hartman, the Ghost Zone is an "endless place of ectoplasm."[30]
    • Each Ghost Zone lair has its own type of ectoplasm surrounding it, and if this ectoplasm mixes with that of another lair, they will combust into a ghostly black hole.
  • If ectoplasm is used to power kitchen appliances (such as food processors[31] and microwaves[32]), it will cause the food they are being used on to mutate and come to life.


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