"Analysis Conclusive! Asteroid composed entirely of unique anti-ghost element, ecto-ranium! The effects of which can only be felt by ghosts."
Maddie hologram to Vlad Plasmius[1]

Ecto-ranium is an element from outer space. It causes great pain to any ghost or half-ghost who touches it and prevents them from using their ghost powers.


Main article: Disasteroid

Ecto-ranium only appears in "Phantom Planet," as the material that the Disasteroid is made of. The Disasteroid was on a collision course with Earth and posed an extreme threat to both Earth and the Ghost Zone, but both worlds were saved thanks to the heroic efforts of Danny and his friends and allies both from Earth and the Ghost Zone.


Though never used as such in the show, ecto-ranium is mentioned to be a powerful weapon against ghosts.


Season 3


  • Ecto-ranium is likely based on kryptonite, the only weakness of the comic book superhero, Superman. They are both depicted as glowing green rocks from outer space and possess the ability to completely negate their series' protagonists' superpowers.


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