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The Ecto-Skeleton is an invention created by Jack and Maddie Fenton.


In "Reign Storm," Jack and Maddie create the Ecto-Skeleton. It is a battle suit that allows the wearer to fight with power 100 times their normal abilities. The suit is hooked up through a neural interface. Initially, its main drawbacks were that it drained the user's energy at an alarming rate and the neural interface was considered extremely dangerous.

In "Secret Weapons," Vlad put Jazz in the suit and combined it with Technus' lighting rod and the ecto-converter to provide a limitless power source. He also injected Jazz with nanobots so the suit wouldn't waste her.


The Ecto-Skeleton is a large batlle-suit, with only a seat inside for the driver. It only fits one person maximum. The top of the Skeleton is a clear dome, which acts as the windshield. There is a logo, a green flame inside it forming a "F," on its chest.


Physical Augmentation

As stated previously, the suit will increase the user's physical strength, speed, and endurance by 100-fold. By wearing just the prototype legs, Jack was able to run at incredibly fast speeds and could kick with enough force to send the Fright Knight and his horse out of Fenton Works, across the street, and past two buildings. Danny was able to stand up to legions of ghosts and even face off against Pariah Dark.


The Ecto-Skeleton provides considerable protection against attacks as Danny could withstand hits from Pariah Dark, and even a massive pile-on of ghosts.

Ghost Powers

If Danny Phantom is the user, then the Ecto-Skeleton will also possess ghost powers, such as his ghost ray and duplication. It will even transform itself into Danny's uniform colors, complete with his insignia. Additionally, the suit will increase Danny's ghost powers by 100-fold and even give him better control over his powers such as duplication.

Foot Thrusters

The suit flies by means of rocket-motors in the soles of the feet.

Self-Destruct Device

To keep Vlad from possessing the upgraded Ecto-Skeleton, Jazz activated the self-destruct device, thereby destroying it.


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