Duplication is the ability to make duplicates of one's body or parts of one's body.[1] It is a difficult power to master, but proves extremely useful.


The user makes identical copies of himself or herself. The duplicates gain all the characteristics and powers of the user. The user has full control over his or her duplicates' actions. The user can re-absorb his or her duplicates when they are not needed. If a duplicate sustains too much damage, its body typically dissipates and the original is unharmed.


  • Outnumbering: The user can outnumber his or her enemies simply by making more duplicates.
  • Misdirection: The user can have a duplicate distract the enemy while the user escapes. Vlad has used this technique several times.

Known Users


  • In "Doctor's Disorders," while infected by an ectoplasmic bug, Kwan was easily and spontaneously capable of creating eight whole duplicates (to Danny's great dismay). Unlike duplicates of most users, Kwan's duplicates all shared one mind.


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