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David Kaufman is an actor who provides the voice of Danny Fenton/Phantom on the TV show Danny Phantom.

He has had roles on other shows, such as Jimmy Olsen in several Superman cartoons, including Superman: The Animated Series, and recently provided the voice of Jaybo in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


  • David's favorite episodes of Danny Phantom to work on were "The Fright Before Christmas" and "The Ultimate Enemy," as well as "Urban Jungle" because he got to work with Mark Hamill.[1]
  • It is confirmed that he will reprise his role as Jimmy Olsen in the DC movie Justice League Doom.
  • According to this tweet, David's daughter is recording for a 'secret' project.

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  1. Kaufman, David (October 14, 2016). Tweet Number 787154186186006528. “Loved #TheFrightBeforeChristmas & #TheUltimateEnemy 😜 Also #UrbanJungle cause it's cool to work w/ @HamillHimself”

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