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David Kaufman
David Kaufman The Voice Of Danny
Gender Male
Age 43
Home Los Angeles, California
Born July 23, 1969

St. Louis, Missouri

Children Gracie

Henry Oliver

Spouse Lisa Picotte
Behind the scenes
Position(s) voice actor
Voice of Danny Fenton/Phantom

David Kaufman is an actor who provides the voice of Danny Fenton/Phantom on the TV show Danny Phantom.

He has had roles on other shows, such as Jimmy Olsen in several Superman cartoons, including Superman: The Animated Series, and recently provided the voice of Jaybo Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


  • It is confirmed that he will reprise his role as Jimmy Olsen in the DC movie Justice League Doom.
  • According to this tweet, David's daughter is recording for a 'secret' project.

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