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This page is for Dan Phantom, the future version of Danny. For other uses, see Danny Phantom (disambiguation).

I'm inevitable.

–Dan Phantom, "The Ultimate Enemy"

Dan Phantom, a.k.a. Dark Danny or Evil Future Danny, is the evil future version of Danny Phantom. He is the antagonist of the movie "The Ultimate Enemy." Dan Phantom is one of the most powerful and dangerous enemies that Danny has ever faced.


Loss and Grief

In the original timeline, before Clockwork's intervention, Danny used his powers to steal the answers to the Career Aptitude Test. Suspicious of Danny, Mr. Lancer called the Fentons to the Nasty Burger for a meeting. Unfortunately, the Nasty Burger's vat of condiments exploded at that time, killing Danny's family, his friends Sam and Tucker, and Mr. Lancer. As a result, the grief-stricken boy was forced to move in with his arch-enemy Vlad Masters, as he was the only person left who Danny felt would possibly understand his situation.

Lost Humanity

Dark Danny Is Born

Dark Danny coming into existence.

Despite the history of animosity between the two of them, Vlad treated Danny with a great deal of sympathy. Completely taken over by grief, Danny asked Vlad to get rid of his human half so he wouldn't have to deal with his human emotions anymore. Vlad obliged him, using the Ghost Gauntlets to separate Danny's ghost half from his human half. The separated Danny Phantom, now free of the conscience of his human half, overcame Vlad and took the Ghost Gauntlets. He removed Vlad's ghost half and merged with it. Unfortunately, Danny was overwhelmed by the evil in Vlad Plasmius, resulting in the birth of Dan Phantom.

S02M02 young Dark Danny zoom

Dark Danny newly created

His first act of malice was to murder his human half and destroy Vlad's entire mansion. He then went on to unleash ten years of pain and destruction on Earth and in the Ghost Zone.

Death Sentence

S02M02 Dan shoots ecto-blast

Adult Dan.

Dark Danny destroyed ghost after ghost and town after town, culminating in the desolation of Amity Park. The Observants ordered Clockwork to kill Danny in the past to prevent Dan's rise. Dispatching various ghosts from the future to eliminate him, Clockwork set in motion a series of events that led young Danny to steal the C.A.T. answers and eventually come to the future, where he encountered his dark older self. They fought, but Dan easily won and banished Danny to the Ghost Zone.

Back to the Past

Dan disguised himself as fourteen-year-old Danny Fenton and traveled to the past via a leftover time medallion to ensure his future by cheating at the C.A.T. Jazz found him with the C.A.T. answers and alerted Mr. Lancer, who called his parents over to the Nasty Burger for a discussion. Sam and Tucker came as well and warned them of the oncoming explosion, and Jazz, using the Fenton Ghost Peeler, exposed Dan to the rest.

Dark Danny ecto-web

Fenton family and friends tied up.

Dan tied them all to the nasty sauce vat with ectoplasmic goo just as it is about to blow. Just then, Danny returned from the future and they battled. Dan knew he was unable to eliminate his younger self, as this would mean Dan would never exist, so he fought simply to run out the clock until Danny's entire life fell apart. Even with the aid of the Specter Deflector and the Ghost Gauntlets, Dan still proved too much for Danny. Refusing to let down his friends and family, Danny unleashed the powerful Ghostly Wail.

Dan was shocked, as that power wasn't supposed to develop for another ten years. Danny took advantage of Dan's surprise to unleash another Ghostly Wail, then trapped Dan in the Fenton Thermos.

Existing Outside of Time

Dark Danny trying to escape

Dark Danny trying to escape.

The thermos holding Dan is now in Clockwork's possession, sealed within Clockwork's lair. Since Dan was taken out of the time stream by Clockwork, he now exists outside of time, even though Danny will never become him, and is now Clockwork's responsibility. At the end, Dan is seen attacking the thermos from the inside, attempting to break free.


Unlike most of Danny Phantom's enemies who have, to some degree, a moral conscience, Dan possesses no such trait. He is sadistic, cruel, and heartless, and is more than willing to kill even the people he once cared about to get what he wants.


Danny Phantom

S02M02 Vlad overwhelmed Danny

Younger Dan contemplates his human half.

After being merged with Vlad's ghost half, Dan killed his human half and went on to his ten years of destruction. Dan once again encountered his younger self when the latter entered his future. Disgusted towards the person he once was, he viewed his younger self as pathetically weak, forcing himself to keep Danny alive only to ensure his own existence. This changed when Dan found out Danny had learned the Ghostly Wail, which Dan thought shouldn't have happened for another ten years, and Dan began to genuinely fear his younger self.

Vlad Masters

It was through Vlad's actions that Dan came into existence. Dan's first act of destruction was to destroy Vlad's manor. Now, Vlad, the former prideful billionaire, lives in reclusive grief and misery, guilty over his past misdeeds and selfishness.

Jack and Maddie Fenton

Dan's former parents were among the people he attempted to kill so his future would come to pass. He thinks of them as stupid and incompetent, ridiculing them for not even noticing the similarities between Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom.

Jazz Fenton

Like his parents and friends, Dan shares no love for his past sister. Dan only thought of her as someone he would have to kill eventually to ensure his future.

Valerie Gray

Valerie is a prominent defender of Amity Park against Dan and other ghosts, keeping a vigilant watch over the city. Dan finds her deplorable. Valerie was able to fend off Dan for ten years, until he learned the Ghostly Wail.

Sam Manson and Tucker Foley

His two best friends no longer matter to him and he instead tries to kill them with the Nasty Burger explosion to continue his future despite their best efforts to thwart their ill-gotten future.

Mr. Lancer

Mr. Lancer was one of the people killed in the Nasty Burger explosion alongside Danny's family and friends.

Fright Knight

The Fright Knight claims Dan as his new master, obeying his every command.


Dan mentions Clockwork "meddling again" when he sees Sam and Tucker's time medallions, so they may have had encounters in the past. At the end of the episode, Dan is left in the Fenton Thermos in Clockwork's lair.

Powers and Abilities

As Dan Phantom is a fusion of Danny's and Vlad's ghost halves, he has all of Danny's and Vlad's powers as well as completely new abilities that neither Danny nor Vlad had.

  • Ghost Sense: Dan can sense nearby ghosts and half-ghosts. When his ghost sense is activated, red wisps of mist come out through his nose.
  • Intangibility: Standard ghost power.
    • Intangibility Fusion: Dan is able to fuse objects inside others' bodies. While fused, the object is intangible and unreachable whether the subject is ghost or human. He used this once to fuse one of Clockwork's time medallions into Danny's body so that Danny couldn't escape.
  • Invisibility: Standard ghost power.
  • Flight: Standard ghost power. Dan can fly faster than both Danny and Vlad.
  • Pyrokinesis: He can create powerful torrents of green ghost fire that can break through the ground.
  • Superhuman Strength: Dan is far stronger than Danny or Vlad. He is capable of easily lifting and throwing a tank, which typically weighs around 20 tons.
  • Overshadowing: Standard ghost power.
  • Ecto-Energy Manipulation
    • Ghost Ray: His blasts are composed of green and white ectoplasm. Even without using his full power, Dan can blow apart a good portion of a multi-story building.
    • Ecto-Energy Strike: He can channel his ghost energy into his fist for a powerful blow.
    • Telekinesis: Visible in the form of green energy emanating from his hands and the subject of the telekinesis. He can use his telekinesis to render his enemies immobile.
    • Ghostly Wail: Dan has the unique ability to generate an extremely powerful sonic scream. With this power, Dan is seen overturning tanks and cars, blowing away helicopters, crumbling buildings, and shattering glass, as well as destroying all of the Amity Park of the future's ghost shield generators.
    • Ecto-Energy Constructs: Dan can form binds and ropes out of ecto-energy.
  • Ghost Stinger: Dan used this electric attack to instantly drain Danny of his power, causing him great pain and forcing him to turn back to his human form.
  • Duplication: Dan can easily create several duplicates of himself. Like Vlad, he often uses his proficiency in duplication as a powerful advantage against an enemy.
  • Ghost Portal Creation: He can create portals between the human world and the Ghost Zone by merely waving his hand.
  • Spectral Body Manipulation: Dan has the ability to change the shape of his body. He has stretched his body, created holes in his body, turned his body into vapor, and turned his head around 180 degrees. He can also assume the appearance of his former human body as a disguise.
  • Ghost sense
  • Flight
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Superhuman strength
  • Dark Danny's durability
  • Ghost ray
  • Dark Danny's energy wave
  • Energy strike
  • Ghostly wail
  • Spectral body manipulation
  • Ecto-construction (rope)
  • Ectoplasmic goo
  • Gaseous form
  • Ghost stinger
  • Ghost portal creation
  • Telekinesis
  • Paralyzing touch
  • Duplication
  • Duplication (white ghost ray)
  • Intangibility fusion
  • Shapeshifting


Season 2


  • "That was me. And you, eventually."
  • "Actually, nobody's going anywhere. Not until it's time for you to be blown everywhere."
  • "Me, my future, I'm inevitable."
  • "I'm still here. I still exist. That means you still turn into me."


  • During development of "The Ultimate Enemy," Butch Hartman had come up with the idea for what became "The Ultimate Enemy" as a movie involving time travel and ghost battles. He realized the best enemy for Danny to fight would be the worst enemy for any teenager - their future self.[1] Thus, Dan Phantom was created.
  • Dan Phantom was not revealed in any of the Nickelodeon advertisements for "The Ultimate Enemy," due to the shock factor of Danny's own future self as his worst enemy.
  • It is known that if Marmel had stayed with the show, Dan would have returned for season 3.[citation needed]
  • According to Clockwork, Dan has done at least two thousand bad things.
  • "Dark Danny" appears as an unlockable costume for Danny in Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots.


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  1. Page 5 of Butch Hartman Interview: Archived from the original on 01-02-2008. Interview conducted March 30, 2006.

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