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This page is for Danny Phantom (series), the series. For other uses, see Danny Phantom (disambiguation).

Danny Phantom is an American animated television show created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon, produced by Billionfold Studios. It originally ran from April 3, 2004 to August 24, 2007. The show is about Danny Fenton, a teenage boy who gained ghost powers through an accident in his parents' lab, who takes on the alter ego of Danny Phantom to save his town and the world from ghost attacks, all while struggling through school and his teenage life. It is distributed outside the United States by the Canadian animation company, Nelvana, the same as The Fairly OddParents (also created by Hartman).


Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom centers on the life and adventures of 14-year-old Danny Fenton, an unpopular 9th-grade boy attending Casper High. He lives with his eccentric ghost hunting parents, Jack and Maddie, and his overbearing older sister, Jazz. He wanders inside his parent's Ghost Portal and accidentally triggers its activation, infusing his DNA with ectoplasm. This transforms him into a half-ghost, half-human, and gives him an array of ghostly powers, such as being able to walk through walls, disappear, and fly. Danny struggles to learn to use these powers, but soon realizes that he can use his powers to protect his town from the evil ghosts that were also coming out of the Ghost Portal. Danny's best friends, technophile Tucker Foley and Goth-minded Sam Manson, support Danny and help him in his adventures. Over time, Danny becomes more confident both as a superhero and as a teenager. 

Throughout his adventures, Danny faces a variety of ghostly enemies from the Ghost Zone. He also faces enemies from Earth, such as vengeful ghost hunter Valerie Gray, rival half-ghost Vlad Masters, and even his own ghost-hunting parents. Throughout it all, Danny slowly realizes his own potential and his purpose, while both worlds, the Ghost Zone and Earth, begin to accept him as their defender.


In February 2001, Butch Hartman found out that Nickelodeon was looking for a boys' animated action show, and developed the concept for Danny Phantom. His original idea for the show was going to be Danny Phantom and the Specter Detectors. It was going to be about a teenage boy and his friends who would use gadgets to hunt ghosts. However, Hartman later determined it would be cooler if the boy was a ghost with superpowers, and changed his concept's name to ‘‘Danny Phantom."

For the character designs, Hartman had help from veteran character designer Stephen Silver. Most of the stories are written by Steve Marmel, with input from Mark Banker, Butch Hartman, Marty Isenberg, and Sib Ventress. As with Hartman's other popular show, The Fairly OddParents!, the music for Danny Phantom was written by Guy Moon.

Nickelodeon originally purchased 40 episodes (two seasons), later purchasing another 13, for a total of 53 episodes, including four double-length made-for-TV movies. On January 24, 2006, Nickelodeon announced that it had ended support for new episodes of the series. Fans of the show expressed outrage at the cancellation, citing Hartman's admission on his forums that he wished to create more episodes. Hartman has stated on his personal forum that he would be willing to make more episodes if the show were to be picked up again.


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Actor Role
David Kaufman Danny Phantom
Grey DeLisle Sam Manson
Ricky D'Shon Collins Tucker Foley
Colleen O'Shaughnessey Jazz Fenton
Rob Paulsen Jack Fenton
Kath Soucie Maddie Fenton

Major Characters

Actor Role
Cree Summer Valerie Gray
Ron Perlman Mr. Lancer
S. Scott Bullock Dash Baxter
Maria Canals Barrera Paulina
James Sie Kwan
AnnaSophia Robb Dani Phantom
Tara Strong Star


Actor Role
Martin Mull Vlad Plasmius
Eric Roberts Dark Danny
Kevin Michael Richardson Skulker
Rob Paulsen Box Ghost, Technus
Tara Strong Ember McLain
Kath Soucie Lunch Lady Ghost
Taylor Lautner Youngblood
Tara Strong Spectra
William Baldwin Johnny 13
Chynna Phillips Kitty
Dee Bradley Baker Prince Aragon
Peri Gilpin Desiree
Jon Cryer Freakshow
Michael Dorn Fright Knight
S. Scott Bullock Hotep RA
James Garret Nocturn
Brian Cox Pariah Dark
David Boat Vortex
James Arnold Taylor Walker
Mark Hamill Undergrowth
Danny Mann Amorpho


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Theme song

Main article: Danny Phantom Opening

The Danny Phantom theme song introduces Danny and explains how he got his ghost powers. The lyrics were written by Guy Moon, who also did the vocals. Hartman did the background vocals.

Two versions of the Danny Phantom theme song were recorded. The show was originally going to have an episode showing how Danny got his powers, but they later decided against it, and instead changed the theme song to include Danny's origin story. The original theme song can be found on Hartman's website.

Hartman mentioned in an interview that the theme song was inspired by Queen's 1989 song "The Invisible Man."

Danny Phantom Complete Theme Song)01:30

Danny Phantom Complete Theme Song)

Video games

Two Danny Phantom video games have been published:

Danny Phantom characters have also made appearances in other Nickelodeon video games:



Fans protesting the show's cancellation in New York.

  • Some Danny Phantom characters and themes have cameoed in The Fairly OddParents. In addition, the The Fairly OddParents characters Crash Nebula, the Crimson Chin and Francis have made cameos in Danny Phantom.  
  • When Nickelodeon announced the show's cancellation, Danny Phantom fans in New York City protested to save the show.
  • On Feburary 21st, 2017, Nickelodeon released a three minute short featuring Danny Phantom, TUFF Puppy, The Fairly Odd Parents, and Bunsen is a Beast.


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