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"Creatures of the night, unleash your dark side at Circus Gothica!"
— Freakshow

Circus Gothica is a traveling circus run by Freakshow.


Geared towards the goth crowd, Circus Gothica is a grittier type of circus, as opposed to the traditional silly and cheerful circus. Freakshow describes it in a TV commercial as a place "where your nightmares come alive" and "where the clowns never smile."

Freakshow runs the circus, which is composed only of ghosts. He uses a mind-controlling crystal ball to command the ghosts during their performances and to commit crimes during their off-time. It was implied that Circus Gothica was only a circus and not a cover-up for criminal activities until the ringmasters came into possession of the staff.

In "Control Freaks", Circus Gothica came to Amity Park. Freakshow used his staff to force Danny Phantom into joining his acts and committing crimes for him. Sam and Tucker had to infiltrate the circus to save Danny.


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