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Gender: Male
Species: Ghost
Age: unknown
Eye color:       Red
Personal Information
  Walker's second in command
  Ghost Zone
  Danny Phantom
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Public Enemies
Last Appearance:
  Phantom Planet
Voiced by:
Daran Norris

Bullet is Walker's second in command. His only main appearance is in "Public Enemies": He was helping Walker to take over Amity Park and pursue Wulf. His loyalty towards Walker is questionable, as he activated Wulf's electrical collar without Walker's authorization, screaming "Walker isn't here!" to one of his minions. After Walker exits Dash's body, Bullet takes over the bully. Later, underneath city hall, he was separated from Dash by Wulf only for Maddie to send him and a ghost cop back into the Ghost Zone. After that episode, Bullet also made cameos in "Reign Storm" and "Phantom Planet". He is one of the ghosts with the rarest appearances, so not much of his personality, powers and other information are known.


  • Bullet is voice by Daran Norris who is better known as the voice of Cosmo, Jorgen and Mr Turner from Butch Hartman's other show The Fairly OddParents.
  • Bullet is the 3rd ghost to be voice by an actor who voiced another character from The Fairly Oddparents
    • Ember Mclain's voice is played by Tara Strong who voiced Timmy Turner/Poof.
    • Princess Dorathea's voice is played by Susan Blakeslee who voiced Wanda/Mrs Turner.
  • Even though Bullet is Walker's second in command, he only appears in one out of the three episodes where Walker is the main villain.

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