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  • Gaybagel23

    1. Kim Possible 

    2. Ron Stopabble

    3. Shego

    1. Jenny Wakeman

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  • Derpyrebound

    What are Ghosts in DP?

    February 21, 2017 by Derpyrebound

    In this blog post, I will be trying to explain a theory that will clean up all (or most) inconsistencies and hopefully make a lot of sense.

    From what we know, in real life, people tell ghost stories such as the story of Bloody Mary and many others to typically scare others for the sake of pranks or to teach a lesson. All of these ghost stories involve the ghost being a deceased individual with unfinished business such as getting justice for a wrongful death, a violent death, or due to not being ready to die. This in turn forces them to stay and do whatever essentially. Sometimes bound to an area, object, or idea.

    In the DP-Verse, Butch has stated they were never spirits/souls of dead people but rather monsters from another dimension. So, by …

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  • AstroPhantom

    Hello everybody! As requested by Chaos160, here is a list of the Danny Phantom episodes ordered by production code number.

    Order # Title Production Code
    1 Mystery Meat 001
    2 One of a Kind 002
    3 Parental Bonding 003
    4 Attack of the Killer Garage Sale 004
    5 Splitting Images 005
    6 What You Want 006
    7 Bitter Reunions 007
    8 Prisoners of Love 008
    9 My Brother's Keeper 009
    10 Shades of Gray 010
    11 Fanning the Flames 011
    12 Teacher of the Year 012
    13 13 013
    14 Public Enemies 014
    15 Fright Night 015
    16 Maternal Instinct 016
    17 Lucky in Love 017
    18 Life Lessons 018
    19 The Million Dollar Ghost 019
    20 Control Freaks 020

    Order # (Overall) Title Production Code
    1-2 (21-22) Reign Storm 021/022
    3 (23) Doctor's Disorders 023
    4 (24) Identity Crisis 024
    5 (25) Pirate Radio 025
    6 (26) Th…

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  • AstroPhantom

    Returning to the Zone

    January 6, 2017 by AstroPhantom

    *Update: I'll be returning today instead, since furniture building went on longer than expected. I will be available on chat as I edit (probably within a few hours).*

    Hey everyone! Admin Astro here!

    This is just a heads-up that I will be returning over the next few days to my normal full-time editing self for this wiki. This past month has been crazy hectic for me (finding and moving into a new place to live), so I have quite a bit of wiki activity to check over and fix (I think from December 19th? The absence has been killing me inside :P).

    So starting tomorrow, or possibly tonight if I'm lucky, I'll start editing again. I will be available on chat during that time for any immediate questions or concerns (and to those who have been waiting for…

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  • MrQuest17

    Hi guys, MrQuest17 here with my first blog on this scoresomeley spooky wiki. Now I hope you all know recently, rumours of Danny Phantom coming back next year have been rife recently, ever since Butch Hartman, decided to draw the three main characters, Danny, Sam and Tucker as older teenagers (I know he says they're now teenagers, but fourteen's already teenage). Now personally I'm really hyped for this possible revival and I know you are all too, so today I've had a thought, that maybe before we say hello once more to Danny, possibly in the next few years, that a spinoff would be more plausible beforehand, just to re-introduce us to the world of Danny Phantom. 

    As to the contents of this spinoff and what it would be about, well I know there…

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  • AstroPhantom

    Ghost Senses

    August 10, 2016 by AstroPhantom

    Hey everyone! In response to a comment on the Ghost Sense page, I've decided to repost this little explanation/theory I created last year for a World Building Week event on Tumblr. It hopefully provides a good reason why we don't see Vlad's ghost sense, and how the sense works in detail (beyond what Frostbite tells us in UJ). Here it is:

    We all know Danny’s ghost sense is a small release of energy from his ice core that triggers when a ghost is nearby (as is Dani’s, whose sense we can assume behaves exactly like Danny’s since she is his clone), but what about our other ghost hybrid, Vladdie?
    We never see his ghost sense go off (as far as I can remember), but in TUE we see Dan’s escape through his nose as two red wisps of smoke. Since he is …
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  • AstroPhantom

    Hey everyone! I'm just gonna use this blog post mostly for myself to keep track of images that will need replacing after basic replacement is finished.

    NOTE TO SELF: check all galleries for "stretched" (stitched together) photos of outfits, etc. (even if they're properly named).

    • More to come

    By "unavailable" I mean I cannot get them from the screencap website (and I unfortunately cannot make my own screencaps).

    • More to come

    • More to come

    Feel free to list any images that need replacing still in the comments below.

    Don't know what needs replacing? Properly uploaded images should follow these guidelines.

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  • AstroPhantom

    Hello Phans!

    Just wanted to check in and say that I'll be getting back into my wiki groove this week! I was at Comic-Con last week with Fandom, so now I gotta catch up on life again (and get rid of this accursed cold)! I will also be sharing more and more about my interview with Butch Hartman at Comic-Con in the coming days, so stay tuned (that will most likely be through blog posts and hopefully one big forum post with all the links and such)! I'll also do a longer blog post probably about the behind-the-scenes of meeting Butch! (Such a cool guy!)

    In the meantime, enjoy part of the interview in a vlog Butch posted on his twitter!

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  • AstroPhantom

    Figured I would write this blog too to compliment my first one. Let me know who your favorite characters are below!

    1. Vlad Masters/Plasmius
    2. Technus
    3. Tucker Foley
    4. Maddie Fenton
    5. Clockwork


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  • AstroPhantom

    Hello fellow phans! Astro here!

    What a productive week it's been for this wiki. :)

    We now have blogs (again)! Note that there is a set of rules to follow (and you can always ask an admin like myself for help if you have any questions), but hopefully blogs will be a great way to grow the community on the wiki. :D

    To start off the grand re-opening of blogs here, I'd figure I'd go ahead and list my top 5 favorite episodes of Danny Phantom:

    1. "Identity Crisis"
    2. "Maternal Instinct"
    3. "Bitter Reunions"
    4. "Micro Management"
    5. "Flirting With Disaster"

    Let me know what your top 5 episodes are in the comments!

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  • Derpyrebound

    Report Something

    February 21, 2013 by Derpyrebound

    This is a blog page for the moment but the main purpose is to let me know about the vandalizm. Please provide the name of the offender and where the offence is. Also please refer to the new rules page for information on the rules.

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  • Derpyrebound

    Random Blog 1

    February 17, 2013 by Derpyrebound

    Okay. I couldn't think of what to name this blog so I called it random blog. Any how, I wanted to introduce a blog series, by me, that goes in-depth on random topics (some DP related). Today's will be revival then Fanfictions.

    Many people wonder if DP is coming back, it's possible. In my opinion, it's never too late to revive something. A perfect example is Sailor Moon. It has been around for about TWENTY years. Just about double of DP's time on air and is just as popular. On Sailor Moon's twentieth anniversary, it's being revamped/revived (not really sure but it's coming back). So it proves, it's never too late for DP to be revived/revamped (hey it might become TWICE as popular and get MORE seasons/episodes if revamped) and there's still h…

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  • Lana702

    Worst show?

    October 26, 2012 by Lana702

    What's the worst show on television? anyone?

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  • Lord Beckett

    Hello, I run the other Hartman wikis, and I've noticed that this one has kind of been inactive. Are there any admins still left here? This wiki could use a lot of updates to help get it more in line with the crappy Oasis update wiki forced on all of us. I'll try to fix a few of the templates myself in the mean time. -- 17:53, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

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