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24K Jewelry is a jewelry store in Amity Park that is only shown in the opening scene of Control Freaks, the 20th and final episode of Season 1.

In the opening scene, an intangible Danny phases through the walls when he sees jewelry being lifted out of the display cases. He blasts his Ghost Ray and it reveals Elastica, Goliath, the Midget Ghost, and Lydia, who, unbeknownst to Danny are being controlled by Freakshow, are stealing the jewelry. Danny throw the midget ghost onto the display caes, breaking it and setting off the alarm, and the other ghosts push Danny around, using their different abilities, and Danny creates a Ghost Shields which sends Lydia's tattoos knocking them all back. At that moment the Police arrive and the ghosts escape, dropping the jewelry they were stealing as they phase through the ceiling onto Danny, making it look like he's the thief. The cops burst through the door and tell "Invisobill" to freeze, Danny phases through the floor, leaving the jewelry behind. The two cops surround the jewelry, and one of them enthusiastically says, "Hey, wanna take this stuff and blame the ghost kid?" The other cop glares at him and sighs, "You're under arrest." The 1st cop loses his enthusiastic look and sadly exclaims, "Awwwwww."

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